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 Hobbit of Flores

Scientists have found more evidence that the Indonesian "Hobbit"
skeletons belong to a new species of human - and not modern pygmies.

The one metre (3ft) tall, 30kg (65lbs) humans roamed the Indonesian
island of Fl.ores (ruse), perhaps up to 8,000 years ago.

Since the discovery, researchers have argued vehemently as to the
identity of these diminutive people.

Two papers in the journal Nature now support the idea they were an
entirely new species of human.

The team, which discovered the tiny remains in Liang Bua cave on Flores,
contends that the population belongs to the species Homo floresiensis -
separate from our own grouping Homo sapiens .

A Hobbit Tale - Homo floresiensis

 This is Liang Bua in Flores Island, the cave where Flores Hobbit(Homo florensis) was found

Saving Flores - The Home of the Hobbit

This is a short trailer of a 49 minutes documentary (in italian) by Raffaela Acampora that tells the story of how the gentle villagers of Flores, ... tutte » Indonesia, are fighting against a giant Corporation to protect their right to live and die in their native land, and to save their traditions and the ecosystem of their magnificent, unviolated territory)

You can download freely the full video (in english version packed in zip files, in 3 formats):

 Bena is an interesting place to see with its 18 traditional houses lined up on both sides of a terraced landscape. Around 63 households still live there. The settlement is set with Mt. Ebobo as the backdrop. Bena is an hour away from Bajawa the capital town of Ngada Regency in Central Flores, Indonesia.

TEKE (dance from Ngada, Flores, Indonesia) 

Penangkapan Ikan Paus di Lamalera - Lembata


Lamalera The Ultimate Battle

The Last Hunters

The Lamelara tribe are modern-day reminders of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Using the only the most primitive tools, the inhabitants of the Indonesian island of Lembata struggle each day to bring in enough food. The very survival of the tribe depends on the annual hunt of the most revered animal of the sea: the gigantic sperm whale. Hitting the seas in hand-crafted canoes, the tribesmen put their lives on the line to combat the giant beasts with only wooden spears and their own cunning. It is the most primal battle, and not everyone will live on to tell the tale.

Lamalera, Lembata Island, Indonesia,

The Last Hunters. Preview. Come and visit an unusual, faraway world with us. You will experience both pleasant as well as cruel moments that the rough life of Lamalera whale hunters on the Indonesian island Lembata brings them. They are one of the last hunters on our planet that hunt in a traditional way not only whales but also dolphins and mantas.
For centuries now, they have been going out on old wooden boats to fight unmerciful battles for life and death with the gigantic sperm whales using bamboo harpoons. It is not always a victorious battle.
Director: Steve Lichtag, music: Robert Jíša
For full length DVD, visit, please,
For more info about the music, see

Last Whale Hunters Trailer 

This is even pre-trailer sample of the most recent Steve Lichtag's hot movie "The Last Whale Hunters" I had the honor to score. It's going to be over an hour long movie about the last real whale hunters of Lamalera Island, Indonesia. They try to keep their way of life while the pressure of our civilization is rising. This unique movie shows both sides of the story and I, hopefully, helped it by the music written for it. See the result at:


The volcano Tambora, in the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, blew up in April 1815. It was the largest explosion ever recorded on Earth. There was no summer in 1816 because of the volcanic dust that obscured the Sun. Crops failed and livestock died causing the worst famine in the 19th century.

The Top 10 Deadliest Volcanoes In History


First ever komodo dragon hunt filmed!

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