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Indonesia 1919- A Rare Film of a Traditional Dance and Gamelan Performance 

During the period of Dutch Colonization, Indonesians still kept a strong bond with the ancient arts of their ancestors. All through these fabled islands, communities would perform Gamelan
music, and the timeless plays from the past.

pindahnya kraton solo 1745 dari kartasura ke surakarta diperingati

peringatan pindahnya kraton solo dari kartasura ke surakarta 1975


Indonésie éruption du Merapi 1930 - Letusan Merapi di Indonesia 1930

Letusan Merapi 2010 disebut letusan terbesar abad ini, walau jumlah korban tak sebanyak musibah tahun 1930. Rekaman video eksklusif bencana Merapi 1930 yang menewaskan 1400 orang dan memusnahkan 13 desa.
Video ini tersimpan di pusat arsip Beeld en Geluid(Gambar dan Suara), kota Hilversum, Belanda.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia-1938- Batik-

Batik symbolizes the unique qualities and gifts of Indonesians. The finely, patient touch which creates one of the nations more famous products.

Batik has been part of Indonesia's history for thousands of years, and this skill has been passed down from generation to generation to create a timeless and practical work of art, and culture.

Indonesia-1941- A Village on Java

The island of Java, is the most populated and agrarian part of the many islands of Indonesia. The majority of people living on Java, before independence worked in agriculture, and lived in villages across this island.

The lifestyle seen in this film seems timeless, with fertile fields rich in volcanic soil providing an abundant harvest, and the steady winds of change, drifting just slightly into the centuries old farming customs of these villages Some of the footage in the film, is as familiar today as it was all those years ago.


Indonesia-1955- A Village on Java

 The rich volcanic soils of Java ensure a diverse, and fertile harvest for the millions of farming families who live off the land, in villages.

This film shows the timeless harvesting, in a typical village, which was filmed in 1955. Visitors to Indonesia, often marvel of the lush green lands that feed Indonesia, and export agricultural products to the World.

Nieuws uit Indonesië - beëdiging van president Sukarno (1949)

Op 16 december wordt de president van de republiek Indonesia, ir. A. Soekarno, gekozen tot president van de Verenigde Staten van Indonesia. De dag daarna wordt hij - volgens de Islamitische ritus - in Djokjakarta in het paleis van de sultan van Djokja beëdigd.
Deze video of jouw TV-favoriet op DVD bestellen?

Indonesia -1950 - Wayang Kult 

The art pf the Wayang Kulit has always been one of the deep mysteries of Indonesian culture. This traditional art is linked to the nations ancient past, which was a world of mysticism, and ancient enigmatic temples.

Today, after almost a millennium of one of the worlds ancient art forms, the Dalang (Puppet Master) still passes on the secrets of this mystical art, to an apprentice, carrying on the tradition from one generation to another, guaranteeing one of Indonesia's most treasured cultural shows continues today.

Here is rare footage of a Dalang performing a Wayang Kulit show in the 1950s.


Sunan Paku Buwono XII saat masa2 revolusi

Djoemenengan Nata Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX

History establishment of the city SOLO



raja2 solo tempo dulu  

Indonesia, East Java, Solo, 1955

Various scenes taken in Solo, Surakarta, Semarang and Kudus. A what appears to be a bread factory, batik production. Tari Legong Lasem Dances, cigarette manufacturing by hand.

Kebakaran Kraton 1985

peristiwa 31 januari 1985

mbah marijan the spirit carries on 

Mbah Maridjan (literary means Grandfather Maridjan; born Mas Penewu Suraksohargo in Kinahrejo dukuh, Umbulharjo village, Cangkringan, Sleman Regency in 1927) is current gatekeeper of Mount Merapi. This mandate as gatekeeper has been obtained from Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. If Mount Merapi will erupt, the surrounding residents always wait his command to evacuate.

He had been vice-gatekeeper in 1970. Since 1982 he has been gatekeeper.

Mbah Marijan's body found dead on 26 October 2010, during Merapi eruptions disaster. Some people who were accompanying him in his house are also found dead.

During an interview on Merapi's eruption 2006, he said, "Setiap orang punya tugas sendiri-sendiri. Wartawan, tentara, polisi punya tugas. Saya juga punya tugas untuk tetap di sini," or "Everybody have their duty. Reporter, soldier, police they have their duty. I also have duty to stand here"

After the Merapi explosion in October 2010, a body was founded which is presumed to be the body of Mbah Maridjan........ in prostrate position (sujud)


Anneke Grönloh - Bengawan Solo (Audio Mp3 Lyric) 


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