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Rapi Film masih ingin membuat ke 2-nya, shooting lokasi masih sama, dan memakai bintang dan sutradara/DOP yang sama David Worth , tetapi di bagian title luar negeri memasang nama David Worth, mungkin untuk menarik penonton luar negeri, sedangkan Ackyl Anwari sebagai asissten Sutradara David Worth. Tetapi di data film CITWF, sutradaranya adalah Ackyl Anwari. Saat itu memang PH Indonesia sedang suka-sukanya memanggil crew asing dan bintang asing. Bagi sutrdara asing biasanya mereka hanya dipanggil sebagai konsultan saja, pelaksana orang Indonesia, hal ini memungkinkan untuk menghindari pajak dan lainnya. Sedangkan nama yang dipasang nanti adalah nama sutradara Indonesia.

Summary :As head of security for HTI corporation, Nancy Bolan must deliver a top-secret computer. She devises a brilliant plan utilizing two decoy computers, but a sadistic madman and his terrorist organization are somehow able to anticipate her every move. Nancy soon finds that she can trust no one as she battles her way through to a final, bitter showdown. Hell has no fury ...

Angel of Fury (or LadyDragon II in the states)is an interesting movie for fans of Cynthia Rothrock. It has all the high kicking and fast punching action you would expect from her.

The movie starts with two different scenes one a kickboxing match and the other a scene where the three bad guys kill two mob guys for a load of diamonds. The bad guys place the diamonds in the luggage of Susan (Cynthia)and her husband and follow them home. Where they torture and basically rape Susan. After the main villian kills her husband Susan sysmatically gains vengence by killing the bad guys one by one. All until the final exiting climax at the end

Indonesian films have made up quite a bit of Cynthia Rothrock's film career: Lady Dragon and Rage & Honor 2 - Hostile Takeover, along with this one, represent either a penchant for good international cinema relations or just Cynthia scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to getting her films made cheaply. Rest assured, there's nothing wrong with making a film overseas like this, but don't be fooled by any kind words you read later - this movie is very cheap indeed. To its credit, all of its efforts have been focused on making it a veritable action opus by skimping on everything that didn't directly involve punches or kicks, but even its abundance of martial arts flurries might not be enough to make some viewers look beyond its faults.

The story: security specialist Nancy Bolan (Rothrock) is hired by a company to deliver a top-secret computer into Indonesia. When she's thrice-thwarted by a sadistic criminal mastermind looking to take possession of the equipment (Peter O'Brian, The Stabilizer) and leaves her friends and partners dead, Nancy realizes that the only way to thwart his plans is with a direct, physical confrontation.

To consider this movie positively is to look at it as seat-of-the-pants filmmaking at its finest. Besides having that filmed-in-the-'70s porno look to it, "Angel of Fury" is a comedy of errors when it comes to plot ideas and technical coherency. The least of its concerns is its acting content, which wasn't important to begin with but features Rothrock's signature poor performance and an entire cast of voice-dubbed Indonesian nationals. Transitions between scenes have very little ebb & flow to them, so that there's absolutely no buildup to, say, Cynthia getting mugged on the street - just a shot of her walking along followed by a shot of some goon trying to grab her briefcase. This fault carries over to the fight scenes, where it's occasionally hard to tell if the person being kicked by Cynthia is a bad guy or just some hapless bystander who got in her way. A few logic-bending scenes are delivered when, for example, Cynthia is drugged early on and wakes up on an island, where she's promptly attacked by more goons before being grabbed from behind by...her ex-lover who proceeds to kiss her on the lips? Sheesh, does that man know how to bring a girl on a date or what? There's another little gem scene where a young friend of Cyn's is kidnapped in a shopping mall: the little girl struggles and screams bloody murder for three straight minutes as she's carried through a crowd of people, and absolutely nobody seems concerned enough to come to her aid! Talk about complete and total apathy! DW II & DW(Dir) in Indonesia - Lady Dragon, 1991

David Worth (menggendong anak) Ackyl Anwari mengarahkan adegan

As painfully entertaining as all of that is, it's all delivered as side-attractions to what feels like one long action scene. In total, there are six separate hand-to-hand fight brawls, three shootouts, one shootout during a boat/jet ski chase, and one car/motorcycle chase, all of which delivered without an excess of flair but with a joyful abandon that could only have come from relaxed safety laws and a willingness to try anything once. The fistfights aren't overly creative in their choreography, but are definitely modeled after the Hong Kong action style that Cynthia's best known for, letting her show off a lot of kicks. The shootouts aren't too interesting, but the final gunfight features some intervals of abrupt, unnecessary fast-forwarding of footage, so that the scene looks like a particularly violent episode of "The Little Rascals". Quantity trumps quality here, but the content is good enough to enjoy and appreciate, even though it's not going to make you forget any of Cynthia's better work.

This used to be one of those films that you rented on a whim without really knowing what it was about, but nowadays it's one you have to hunt for with special interests in mind. Fans of Rothrock can definitely do a lot better for a lot less money, but for the sake of one of her more exotic romps, pick it up for a laugh.

News of Cynthia Ann Christine Rothrock, Delaware, AS, 08 Maret 1957
Biografi :
Cynthia Ann Christine Rothrock yang kemudian cukup dikenal dengan nama Cynthia Rothrock, adalah aktris film Amerika yang banyak membintangi film kategori aktion. Akting terkenalnya ditunjukan lewat perannya sebagai Terry dalam film NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER II (1989).Cynthia yang pernah bermain dalam film Indonesia ini, populer dengan film-film berbau Asia. Termasuk di dalamnya HUANG GU SHI JIE yang dibintanginya bersama Michelle Yeoh.

Cynthia Rothrock

Sementara kelihaian bertarung Cynthia memang didukung oleh kemampuannya menguasai 'ilmu perkelahian'. Ia adalah pemegang sabuk hitam dalam sejumlah perguruan bela diri itu, yang di antaranya Tang Soo DoTae Kwon Do (Korean), Eagle Claw (Chinese), Wu Shu (Chinese) dan Northern Shaolin (Chinese). Hingga kemudian dirinya dapat membintangi puluhan film aktion. (Korean),

Cynthia Rothrock
(traditional Chinese: 羅芙洛) (born March 8, 1957) is an American martial artist and actress specializing in martial arts films. She was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and was brought up in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

She is five-time (and undefeated) World Karate Champion in forms and weapons between 1981 and 1985. These categories are not combat-oriented, being displays of fluidity of movement rather than fighting, and are therefore not segregated into male and female categories but fully open to both sexes.
She holds six Black belts in various Far Eastern martial disciplines, including Tang Soo Do (also "tangsudo", Korean), Tae Kwon Do (Korean), Eagle Claw (Chinese), Wu Shu (contemporary Chinese), Northern Shaolin (classical Chinese), and Pai Lum Tao Kung Fu (contemporary Chinese). She received her sixth degree black belt in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan in 2006 and was tested by Grand Master Robert Kovaleski, 7th Dan and chair of the I.T.M.A. She also works as a martial arts instructor and her favorite weapons are the hook swords.
Northern California was her home in 1983 where she worked with the West Coast Demonstration Team. At this time Golden Harvest was searching in Los Angeles for the next Bruce Lee. Rothrock's forms and maneuvers were observed and Golden Harvest signed a contract with her. It was two years (1985) later that she made her first martial arts movie for them, Yes, Madam (also known as Police Assassins or In the Line of Duty Part 2) which also starred Michelle Yeoh. It proved to be a box office success. She ended up staying in Hong Kong until 1988 doing seven films there. She may be the first Caucasian actress that ever had a lead role in a Chinese film as a heroine. At the time, the typical role for Caucasians was cast as either as a villain or as comic relief.
Rothrock became one of the few Caucasian performers to achieve genuine stardom in the local Hong Kong film industry before achieving success in their own country. Producer Pierre David initiated Rothrock's move to the American turf. David offered her a costarring role with Chad McQueen in Martial Law, Rothrock's first U.S. production. For the next ten years she led a successful career in B-grade action movies. Her films include China O'Brien and China O'Brien 2, Guardian Angel, Honor & Glory, No Retreat, No Surrender 2 and Prince of the Sun amongst a roster of thirty films.
Rothrock also appeared as Bertha Jo in the 1997 television film The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion. She was an inspiration for the video game character Sonya Blade[3] from the Mortal Kombat series and lent her voice on the animated series Eek the Cat.
Rothrock's stated that, "throughout my life, I've been opening the door for other women to get involved with [martial arts films]. I was the first woman to be on the cover of a karate magazine and the first woman to win a men's championship."

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