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Kali ini polisi menghadapi sindikat perampok internasional. Barang rampokannya antara lain intan dan berlian. Bekerja sama dengan interpol, polisi berhasil menumpas sindikat ini. Adegan laga sengaja di buat dan dilibatkan bintang laga dari luar yang sudah terkenal.
 Sepertu Yasuaki Kurata dan Chen Wei Ming.

George Rudy memang aktor laga top Indonesia, selain Barry Prima dan Adven Bangun.

Yasuaki Kurata 
Yasuaki Kurata In his homeland Japan, action star Yasuaki Kurata is also known as David Kurata. He was born in the prefecture of Ibaraki as Kurata Mamuro Showa on March 20, 1946. In the mid 60s, he studied drama at the reputed Nihon University, then followed his urge to perform in public, and thus joined the then famous Toei Theatre School which still belongs to the same-named film studio. Toei, together with Toho Studios, were the spearheads of Japanese cinematic art in every respect, and also represented Japanese movies abroad. Above all, they were godfather to countless Yakuza, crime, and action movies which produced international superstars like Takakura Ken, Bunta Sugawara, or Sonny Chiba.

Apart from an attractive Eurasian appearance, and positively existing mimic art, Kurata’s trademarks were, of course, his physical abilities which destined him for hard action movies. His lithe, versatile fighting style was determined by an elegant flow of moves. However, contrary to many then Martial Arts stars, his style was not acted or faked but a result of an excellent, early Martial Arts training. Being a real Martial Artist, he achieved the 5th Shotokan Dan, the 5th Judo Dan as well as the 2nd Aikido Dan.

Kurata soon succeeded in reaching the East Asian action movie capital Hong Kong, this step was surely facilitated by his fluent Cantonese. His Hong Kong debut was the 1970/ 71 movie THE KING BOXER (not the same-named Shaw movie starring Lo Lieh). His co-star Meng Fei is remembered today especially for his performance in Chang Cheh’s FIVE SHAOLIN MASTERS. Kurata again played alongside Meng Fei in PRODIGAL BOXER which also included the later Shaw actor Wang Ching (Shaw star Wang Chung’s brother). Kurata’s Shaw Brothers debut role was as Katsu, Japanese chief villain in THE ANGRY GUEST. He performed in three Shaw movies only (FOUR RIDERS, HEROES OF THE EAST), however, his crucial bad guy roles were an important contribution to these genre classics. Afterwards, he continued to work as free lancer. 

His long career included working places like Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and also France, and produced 60 movies, the last dating from 2008. Regarding his popularity, there is no end to his acting. 

While Kurata never worked for a certain studio for long, he nevertheless met former Shaw colleagues again and again. For example, in David Chiang’s LEGEND OF THE OWL (also including Wang Hsia, Chen Hsing, and Norman Chu; the script was written by Erh Tung Sheng and Jamie Lu). His current movie THE SHINJUKU INCIDENT was directed by former Shaw star Erh Tung Sheng, nowadays Derek Yee. It seems that Kurata’s Shaw movies, or movies which also include Shaw stars, count among his most popular movies. 

Apart from acting, Yasuaki Kurata is running „Kurata Promotion“ (founded in 1976 as „Kurata Action Club“), an agency for action actors, and stuntmen. This company seems to be a sort of contra-part to the „JAC Japan Action Club“ founded six years earlier by action legend Sonny Chiba. Kurata is also chief advisor in the „All Japan Nunchaku League“, and teacher at a private college. In 2004, he published the book „Hong Kong Action Star Koyuroku“. In private life, Kurata has a liaison with his many years’ business partner Yanzu Hibaishi. Yasuaki Kurata is one of few Asian stars who openly profess their homosexuality; he is member of some Asian civil rights movements, and the Japanese Pro Gay League.

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