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Film ini dalam bahasa Inggrisnya Empire On Fire.

Suatu hari segerombolan bajak laut telah menyerbu dan dapat menguasai istana diaman raja Gundala memerintah. 

Raja Gundala ditangkap dan menemui ajalnya dengan disaksikan oleh permaisuri serta putranya dari tempat persembunyiannya. BAjak laut tersebut ternyata dibawah pimpinan Bogard yang sudah terkenal. Kini Bogard dengan anak buahnya serta kepercayaannya yang bernama Tengga menguasai istana serta memerintah dengan lalimnya. Sementara itu Tanta permaisuri raja Gundala seta Panji putera satu-satunya serta Nadewa kepercayaan Gundala berhasil menyelamatkan diri dan bersembunyi disebuah goa yang jauh dari keramaian. 

Tanta dengan bantuan Nadewa serta para ponggawa serta pengikutnya yang setia menyusun kekuatan untuk pada suatu saat merebut kembali kekuasaannya dari tangan Bogard. Setelah dikuasai oleh Bogard dengan anak buahnya keadaan Negara menjadi kacau, dimana banyak terjadi tindakan penyelewengan serta kejahatan. Demikian juga terjadi perdagangan budak yang merupakan hasil rampasan atau penculikan dari daerah lain / Negara lain. 

Pada suatu hari dalam suatu perdagangan budak, tersebutlahMira yang cantik turut serta ditawarkan. Mira adalah seorang wanita yang telah dicampakkan oleh James kekasihnya. Panji yang kini telah dewasa serta perkasa berkat bimbingan serta petunjuk dari Nadewa berhasil mendapatkan Mira setelag mengalahkan Garda yang berusaha menguasai Mira. Kini Mira telah berada di tempat Nyi Tanta dan Panji, dimana selama ini mereka bersembunyi. Mira mendapat penjelasan dari Nyi Tanta tentang rencananya merebut kembali kekuasaan dari Bogard. Dan Nyi Tanta pun meminta kesediaan M Mira untuk bergabung dalam pasukannya, dimanakelak Mira dapat membalas sakit hatinya pada pria yang pernah mencelakainya. Dilain pihak, James pun berusaha untuk merebut kekuasaan Bogard dengan mencoba melemahkan Bogard dengan memperalat Isabela. Rupanya perebutan kekuasaan dalam istana tengah terjadi antara Bogard yang berkuasa dengan Tengga yang ingin merebutnya. Sementara itu tanpa diduga, Isabela ingin memperalat Mira untuk melumpuhkan Bogard, karena diketahui Bogard menaruh hati pada Mira. Sementara itu Tengga jatuh hati pada Isabela setelah diketahui bahwa usahanya untuk memilii Mira gagal sebab telah menjadi milik Bogard. 

Usaha isabela rupanya berhasil, dimana Bogard telah berhasil dilenyapkan oleh Tengga. Sebaliknya kini Isabela mefitnah Mira hingga membuat Tengga gusar dan berusaha untuk melenyapkan Mira. Namun disaat keadaan kritis, tiba-tiba muncul pasukan Nyi Tanta yang mengadakan penyerangan kedalam istana, hingga gagallah usaha Tengga. Sebaliknya Tengga sendiri Tewas, demikian juga anak buahnya Bogard serta pengikutnya yang lain.


EMPIRE ON FIRE (1988) - An insane Indonesian period actioner you won't find on IMDB or many reference sites. The film opens with nasty Dutch villain Bogart (Mike Abbott; FINAL SCORE - 1986; PLATOON THE WARRIORS - 1988) and his army of Indonesian bad guys (including a pudgy midget who hitches a ride on the shoulders of an eyepatch-wearing giant [I guess the filmmakers just got done watching MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME - 1985]) invading a village and killing all the men and women they come across (but not before raping some of the females, as one shot shows a sweaty bad guy hitching-up his pants after walking out of a burning hut, followed by a village girl stumbling out a few seconds later holding her blood-covered vagina!). They cap off the invasion by decapitating the village leader in front of everyone while Bogart proclaims himself "King Bogart". Those villagers who are not killed are sold as slaves at auctions populated by rich Dutch Imperialists. Years later, Panji (Baron Hermanto) and his mother (Tatiek Wardiyono), who were the son and wife of the decapitated village leader, break-up a slave auction and save the beautiful Mira (Alba Fuad) from a life of servitude. The only problem is that Mira's cure may be worse than the disease, as Isabella (Nina Anwar), who is leading a revolution to overthrow the current regime, believes Mira is the only girl that can bring down the brutal Bogart, as long as she is trained right. Isabella puts Mira through a series of sexual tortures to toughen-up her body and mind, so she can become an undercover prostitute (The tortures include making her lay on a slab of red-hot piece of metal and pounding her vagina with a piece of wood until she loses all feeling in it!). Once Mira is deemed ready, she is sent out to seduce General Tengga (Atut Agustinanto) and Dutchman Captain James (Jurek Pheszynski). Mira has had a previous relationship with James, as he once promised to marry her, but then sold her into slavery once he got into her panties. Mira knows she must kill Bogart, but it is James that she really wants to put six feet under. Panji falls in love with Mira during her training sessions and he doesn't want her to go through with the mission, but her taste for revenge outweighs her love for Panji. When Mira finally gets the chance to bed the horny Bogart, her assassination attempt is interrupted when a jealous Panji invades Bogart's castle and he is captured and thrown in the dungeon. Mira must now decide what is more important to her: Killing Bogart and Captain James or rescuing Panji from the dungeon. Bogart's main concubine, the undercover Isabella (who is really working in conjunction with James to take over Bogart's empire [whew, this is getting complicated!]), pretends to get jealous of Bogart's attention paid to Mira and plays General Tengga against Bogart, which actually helps Mira and her mission. The finale finds Mira killing James by throwing acid in his face and slashing him repeatedly with a dagger; Captain Tengga offing Bogart with a spear to the gut; Isabella shot through the back with an arrow when she tries to hang Mira; and Panji killing Captain Tengga by planting a sword in his stomach (and breaking the blade in the process), God, I love happy endings! Though not as violent as some period Indonesian fantasies (such as THE WARRIOR [1981] or THE DEVIL'S SWORD [1984]), director Manman Firmansjah (ESCAPE FROM HELLHOLE - 1983; I WANT TO GET EVEN - 1987) and screenwriter Darto Juned (THE SNAKE QUEEN - 1982; REVENGE OF NINJA - 1984) imbue EMPIRE ON FIRE with so many weird visuals and outrageous situations (The strangest being the sight of scores of scantily-clad women being tortured in the underground lair to toughen-up their bodies and private parts so they can withstand Bogart's rough rape sessions), you can't help but enjoy yourself. Particularly interesting is the way Firmansjah integrates so many sex scenes into the film without actually showing any female nudity (the closest the film comes is when we see some women's nipples through their wet clothing as they bathe by a waterfalls). Mike Abbott is his usual coked-out, wide-eyed self, chewing up the scenery in every frame he's in (yet his brutal rape scenes seem nothing more than gentle lovemaking sessions!). His death scene, where General Tengga stabs him with a spear just above his groin, is one of the film's bloody highlights. As usual with most Indonesian films, the English dubbing is horrendous and hilarious (although whoever dubbed Abbott's voice at least tried to match his lip movements), the violence is over-the-top and any depiction of the Dutch is not in the best light (even the Dutch women are portrayed as upper-class cunts), but considering Indonesia's history, this is to be expected. Another winner from Producer Gope T. Samtani and Rapi Films, Indonesia's main purveyors of sleazy entertainment. This never got a legitimate U.S. home video release (these films generally never do), but those lucky Greek bastards did get this on VHS (where my print was sourced from). Not Rated.

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