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Ketika sebuah pesawat terbang jatuh di sebuah pulau terpencil, yang selamat hanya Jelita, gadis kecil berusia balita dan ayahnya. Tetapi, keduanya terpisah. Di pulau itu hidup dua kelompok suku terasing, yang belasan tahun kemudian menarik para antropolog untuk menyelidikinya. Penyelidikan pertama yang dipimpin oleh Prof. Seno mengalami kegagalan. Datang penyelidikan berikutnya dipimpin Haidar, didampingi oleh seorang Pemburu Tua. Penyelidikan ini pun nyaris gagal karena mendapat ancaman dari kelompok pemburu harta karun, yang membunuh Prof. Seno. Suatu ketika, Jelita (dewasa, Lydia Kandou) yang telah menjadi Perawan Rimba, berhasil menyelamatkan Ekspedisi Haidar yang mendapat serangan suku terasing. Peristiwa itu sekaligus mempertemukan Jelita dengan Pemburu Tua yang ternyata ayahnya, yang kemudian meninggal karena lukanya.



JUNGLE VIRGIN FORCE (1982) - Screwy Indonesian jungle film about a female vine-swinger named Jelita (Lidya Kandou). She saves a group of female tribe members from a killer crocodile and to show their appreciation, the female members want to make her an honorary Queen of the tribe, which doesn't sit too well with the skinny High Priest and the other male members. They slaughter most of the females, but Jelita and the real Queen get away (the Queen is tossed off a cliff, but she gets up and dusts herself off!). Meanwhile, a group of college students in Jakarta have gotten their hands on a map that will lead them to treasure in the New Guinea jungle, located in an area called the Triangle of Death. Also after the map are a group of criminals who try to steal the map but, time and time again, are unsuccessful. The college kids take a plane to the outskirts of the New Guinea jungle, where they meet guide Mr. Bunyon (who wears a yellow hardhat!). He leads them down river in a canoe and almost immediately end up falling over a waterfall (some guide!), forcing them to continue on foot. One of the female college students is captured by the male tribe, who cut off her head with a stone axe and parade it around on a pole. The crooks are following close behind and are also captured by the tribe. When the tribe attack the college students, Jelita swings (literally) into action, but the tribe kidnaps female member Maya and seriously wounds Bunyon with a spear to his back (one college kid stupidly asks, "Bunyon, are you O.K.?" while Bunyon is lying there bleeding with a big-ass spear in his back). After watching the tribe consume the flesh of one male crook, Jelita saves Maya and the rest of the crooks and everyone joins forces against the tribe and the spiked boobytraps in the jungle. Bunyon recognizes Jelita as the daughter he lost in a plane crash in the jungle many years ago and makes the college students promise to bring her back to civilization, just before he dies. Jelita and one of the college guys fall in love as the crooks plot a way to get their hands on the map. The conclusion finds the surviving female members fighting the males for control of tribe and the college students fighting the crooks for control of the map. Only two make it out alive. Can you guess which ones? Unbelievably stupid, but hilarious in execution, JUNGLE VIRGIN FORCE is laugh-a-minute mindless fun. The male tribe members are portrayed as bumbling buffoons yet, when they kill other people, the film suddenly turns very serious and bloody. I especially liked the scene where the High Priest of the tribe (who can shoot magical lightning bolts from his fingertips) rewards the male members he thinks have killed the Queen by growing horns (big-ass horns!) on the top of their heads! One tribe member uses his horns later on to gore one of the crooks in the stomach, just before they cannibalize him. Another hilarious scene has one of the college guys befriending a male tribe member and trying to make him civilized. He looks at his penis and says, "Always keep that thing covered up! Do you want people to think you're immoral?" As with most latter-day jungle films, there's scenes of real animal slaughter, a female tribal dance and plenty of stock jungle footage. Curiously, all the female nudity is optically fogged out, but not a couple of instances of male nudity. Jelita, who has a monkey sidekick, also has the lamest Tarzan-like yell you'll ever hear. The film also offers plenty of bloodshed, as people are impaled by spears, arrows and flying rocks (!), one female tribe member dissolves bloodily before your eyes, a guy is attacked by a horde of snakes and the final battle between the High Priest and the Queen causes a volcano to erupt! Good stuff. Good stuff. Directed by Danu Umbara (FIVE DEADLY ANGELS - 1980). Also starring Harry Capri, Enny Beatrice, Nenna Rosier, Rita Zahara, Jefry Sani, Torro Margens and J.M. Dansyik. Available on DVD from those thieving bastards at VideoAsia/Ventura Distribution in a strangely-cropped widescreen print as part of their TALES OF VOODOO series (Volume 1). This would make a good double bill with PRIMITIVES (1978). Not Rated.

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