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The Stabilizer

Peter Goldson, aka The Stabilizer, searches for drug smuggler Greg Rainmaker. Rainmaker killed Goldson's fiancee by kicking her with his spiked shoes, and now Goldson wants revenge. Meanwhile, Rainmaker has kidnapped the famous Professor Protost, and the Stabilizer teams up with his daughter Christina to save the Professor and bring Rainmaker down for good.

In a world out of whack, there's someone to whack it back! After his beautiful fiancée is raped and bizarrely murdered, Peter Goldson, better known to his friends as The Stabilizer, goes on a rampage of vengeful violence. Hot on the trail of the drug-smuggling killer, The Stabilizer, complete with his signature curly mullet and sexually excitable female companions, travels to Indonesia where the only way to fight is to fight dirty. Watch out for the Motorcycle Head-butt! With more non-stop action and hot sex than you can shake an AK-47 at, The Stabilizer has a new kind of action hero, the kind who could take both Shaft and James Bond in a street fight. It's the Drunken Master's Grand Theft Auto!

The Stabilizer - Peter Goldson, Interrogation With A Barrel.

The Stabilizer - Fight Scene

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THE STABILIZER (1984) - Wow! After viewing SPECIAL SILENCERS (1979), FINAL SCORE (1986) and, now, this film, all I have to say is this: All hail director Arizal! This film is so full of non-stop action, carnage and "What The Fuck?!" moments, you'll never want it to end. When a genius professor (Kaharuddin Syah) is kidnapped by Victor (Mark Sunglar), a henchman for international crimelord Greg Rainmaker (Craig Gavin), the Indonesian government sends for FBI agent Peter Goldson (Peter O'Brian), known as "The Stabilizer", to rescue the professor and bring down Rainmaker. Peter has a severe hate for Rainmaker, because seven years earlier, he raped and killed Peter's fiancee by stepping on her with spiked shoes, his weapon of choice (As she lies there dying, her last words to Peter are, "Watch out for his shoes!"). Rainmaker kidnapped the professor because he has invented a "narcotics detector" and he will not give Rainmaker the formula (this plot device is all but dropped after the kidnapping). When Victor sets up and captures Peter and his cop friend Johnny (Harry Capri), they are saved by crossbow-wielding Christina (Dana Christina), the professor's daughter (I also think this is the first time I have ever seen anyone killed with a weed whacker!). Christina joins forces with Peter, Johnny and Peter's FBI partner Sylvia (Gillie Beanz) to look for her father. They find him, but he is killed in the rescue attempt. Rainmaker kidnaps Christina ("She should give me some fun!"), so Peter, Johnny and Sylvia travel by speedboat to Rainmaker's private island (after avoiding some torpedos!) to rescue her. They find Rainmaker's ex-mistress Nora (Yenny Faridha) tied-up with a bomb around her neck (long story) and disarm it (if you count throwing it away from you while it explodes disarming it). Nora agrees to take them to Rainmaker's compound, but they are all taken prisoner and tied-up in a burning warehouse (Rainmaker says to Peter, in one of my favorite lines ever: "You'll soon meet God. Tell him I'm doing fine here."). They manage to break free and then get into one of the bloodiest shootouts/matorcycle chases in film history. Peter finally catches Rainmaker and stomps on him with Rainmaker's own spiked shoes ("This is for my wo-man!"), but Rainmaker manages to escape by helicopter. Not for long, though! This highly entertaining, yet brainless, action flick made me laugh so many times, I thought I was going to have a coronary. From the opening scene, when a guy on a motorcycle crashes through a window of the professor's house, only to get off his bike to open the front door to let Victor in (!), to the unbelievable conclusion, where too many things happen to explain, you'll be shaking your head so much in disbelief, you're lucky if you don't come down with a case of whiplash. So many vehicles come crashing through windows or walls, you'll wonder if anyone in this film (besides Victor) knows how to use a door! Nevermind that lead actor Peter O'Brian is the mirror image of Frank Stallone if he had a permed mullet (Wait. He did at one time, didn't he?), just sit back and enjoy all the mindless violence, nudity, explosions and car chases/crashes. Not only does one of Victor's goons look like Mr. T (who was popular at the time with THE A-TEAM), you will also see a guy geek lizards (disgusting scenes of a man ripping apart lizards with his teeth), watch in amazement as Rainmaker kills his own men for disappointing him (he strings one guy up, gives him a couple of kicks to the knees with his spiked shoes and then electrocutes him!) and listen to the hysterical dialogue. This is Peter's opinion of Rainmaker: "He's the man I hate the most. I despise scum like Rainmaker!" And Rainmaker says this to Nora when he thinks that she's betrayed him (she hasn't): "If you weren't so good in bed, I'd kill you right now!" I especially loved Victor's remark to Nora, just before he kills her: "Dance to your grave, you dirty whore!" So, if you like never-ending bloodshed (including death by flamethrower, crossbow, axe and multiple firearms), unbelievable stunts and quotable dialogue, look no further than THE STABILIZER. The screenplay was written by Deddy Armand and John Rust. Armand has written the screenplays for SPECIAL SILENCERS, FINAL SCORE and the Peter O'Brian-starrers THE INTRUDER (1986) and Arizal's little-seen DOUBLE CROSSER (1990). This is Rust's only Indonesian script. He is better known for directing episodes of the 80's Saturday morning cartoon, THE SMURFS! A Troma DVD Release. The presentation is fullscreen, but watchable, even if the final reel looks a little wobbly. Not Rated.

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