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Film ini banyak judul lainnya Violent Killer dan I Want To Get Even.

Kehidupan rumah tangga yang sederhana dan bahagia dialami oleh Irma yang bekerja sebagai kasir restoran dan juga Rudy yang bekerja sebagai supir taxi. Irma yang hamil muda menambah kebahagiann keluarga itu. Ternyata setelah menikah Irma mengetahui kalau suaminya mengidap � Sex Maniac � dan Irma terpaksa menerima kondisi suaminya.
Komplotan penjahat yang sering menyelundupkan morpin, narkotik, senjata gelap dan obat terlarang lainnya dibawah pimpinan Cobra 2 melakukan operasinya hingga mempengaruhi moral bangsa dan anak-anak muda. Cobra 2 memiliki anak buah bernama Rony yang bertugas menyalurkan barang-barang terlarang itu dan juga mencarikan wanita untuk kepuasan Cobra 2. Pihak berwajib telah mencurigai kegiatan Roni dan komplotannya namun mereka belum memiliki bukti akurat mengenai kegiatan tersebut. Di acara pesta disco, Cobra tertarik dengan penampilan Irma dan dia ingin mendapatkannya melalui Rony. Rony dan komplotannya berhasil menculik Irma. Disebuah gudang tua tempat markas Cobra melakukan kegiatannya kehormatan Irma direnggut oleh Cobra 2 dan juga anak buahnya. Di saat mengalami sekarat Irma diseamatkan oleh seorang tukang becak yang kemudian melaporkannya ke pihak berwajib. Namun komplotan Cobra 2 mengetahui rencana polisi yang ingin menggrebek markas mereka. Rudy yang mengetahui kejadian yang menimpa isterinya sangat marah sekali. Akibat kejadian tersebut keluarga Rudy dan Irma selalu diwarnai pertengkaran karena Rudy tidak menerima kehamilan isterinya dan menginginkan kandungannya digugurkan namun ditolak oleh Irma. Irma akhirnya diusir oleh Rudy karena tidak mau mengikuti keinginannya. Irma yang wajahnya lembam karena pukulan Rudy bertemu dengan Ratih yang mempunyai anak putri cacat akibat terjangkit penyakit kelamin dari almarhum suaminya. Rudy yang frustasi menghabiskan waktunya dengan mabuk-mabukan dan terkadang melarikan kendaraannya dengan kencang. Akhirnya Rudy mencari tukang becak yang menemukan Irma untuk mengetahui Keberadaan Rony. Tukang becak membawa Rudy ke gudang tempat dimana dia menemukan Irma. Ditempat itu Rudy mengamuk menghancurkan semua barang-barang, tukang becak menghubungi polisi. Ketika terjadi perkelahian yang tidak seimbang antara Rudy melawan Rony Cs datang bantuan polisi yang berhasil menangkap sebagian komplotan Rony dan Rony berhasil lolos. Ketika Rudy dirawat Irma datang menemui dengan diantar Ratih yang meminta pada Rudy untuk mau menerima Irma yang tengah hamil tua. Kelahiran bayi Irma melalui operasi, namun bayinya yang cacat tidak tertolong bahkan kandungan Irma pun dinyatakan rusak oleh dokter. Rudy yang tidak menerima kenyataan itu ingin menuntut balas pada para penjahat-penjahat itu. Tanpa sengaja Rudy bertemu dengan Mia, adik kandung Rony. Dan Rudy merencanakan untuk menculik dan merengut kegadisan Mia. Mia yang mengetahui dia terkena akibat dari perbuatan kakaknya menuntut Rony, namun Rony justru menaruh dendam pada Rudy. Rony berhasil menghancurkan rumah Rudy dan menangkap serta menganiaya Rudy di gudang tua. Mia yang mencoba untuk bunuh diri berhasil digagalkan oleh Cobra, namun Cobra berhasil membius dan menggauli Mia. Rony yang ingin memberikan laporan penangkapan Rudy kaget melihat kondisi Mia yang telah digauli seenaknya oleh Cobra. Dan akhirnya terjadi perkelahian tidak seimbang antara Rony dengan anak buah Cobra. Mia yang ingin membantu kakaknya tewas tertusuk pisau anak buah Cobra. Polisi berhasil menangkap Rony dan anak buah Cobra, namun Cobra dan Tohir berhasil melarikan diri. Namun pelarian Cobra dan Tohir diketahui oleh Irma dan Rudy yang telah siap dengan senjata yang diambil dari gudang milik Cobra. Mereka berdua berhasil membunuh Cobra dan Tohir yang telah merengut kebahagiaan mereka dan mereka memutuskan untuk menyerahkan diri ke pihak berwajib.

- Indonesia: Where everyone knows how to fight, women are cheap and bad guys are bald. At least in their movies, that is. This Indonesian rape/revenge action flick (from Rapi Films, Indonesia's main purveyor of sleazy entertainment) opens with a bald, sweaty guy trying to rape a woman in his bed. When she fights back, he gives up and has his men toss her out of the house (his men blindfold and tie her hands behind her back with strips of cloth torn from her dress and then roll her down a hill!). The bald guy (everyone calls him "Boss", a fairly common name in Indonesian genre films) then smokes a joint while scantily-clad women practice martial arts around him. We then cut to him drinking in a disco, where we learn that his real name is Cobra (Rengga Takengon). He hits on cashier Irma (Eva Arnaz), but she turns him down, which doesn't make Cobra happy at all. The film then switches to Rudy (Clift Sangra), who is the husband of Irma, who is pregnant. Rudy has major anger issues, especially when he gets sexually excited. Whenever he gets aroused, he turns violent, which is not good news for Irma and the baby in her belly, especially since her doctor warns Irma that she's going to have a rough pregnancy and any violent jerks or pulls could endanger her baby. Meanwhile, Cobra has his men return to the disco and kidnap Irma (What???). They shoot her up with heroin and place her on Cobra's bed (One of Cobra's men says to him, "Enjoy yourself!"). When Irma fights back, Cobra gives her to his men and they gang-rape her (When one guy is done, another one says to him, "That was quick!"). She escapes before they can kill her and she is

picked-up by a friendly pedicab driver and taken home. We then switch to Rudy, who dumps Irma out of his speeding car when he finds out that her baby is the product of the gang-rape by Cobra's men (He says to Irma, just before she flys out the door, "You and your baby are going straight to Hell!"). After slapping around a prostitute, Rudy questions the pedicab driver that drove Irma home and he then goes to beat-up Cobra's men (in an awful display of martial arts), but he is badly punched-around instead. Luckily, the police show up and save his ass, but the bad guys get away. Rudy then throws Irma out of their home when she refuses to get an abortion ("Leave now! I never want to see your face again!"). Things take a turn into the Twilight Zone when Rudy rapes Mia (Nenna Rosier), the sister of Cobra's top henchman Ronnie (Hendro Tangkilisan), in retribution for Irma's rape. Ronnie and his men then ride their motorcycles through Rudy's home, tie him up, drag him behind a motorcycle until they get to Ronnie's hideout and then beat him to a bloody pulp ("I'll teach you for messin' with my sister!"). Irma gets the abortion (We get to see the bloody, aborted fetus!) and Rudy takes her back. Rudy then goes to Ronnie's hideout and kills a couple of Ronnie's men with gunfire. He then heads to Cobra's house, where Ronnie, Mia, Cobra, Rudy and the police duke it out. Irma then shows up dressed like Rambo (!) and kills Cobra with a nifty rocket launcher. What the hell?!? It's really hard to keep on track with this film because it's told in a confusing, non-linear manner. The dubbing, as always, is atrociously hilarious (You never know what's going to come out of people's mouths, such as when Cobra rapes Mia. He says to her, "Your brother said you'd love it!" while his female goon, who is listening downstairs, performs fellatio on her own thumb!). Let's talk about Cobra for a moment. Besides looking like Sid Haig's retarded brother, it seems that he spends 90% of his screen time raping women while dressed in nothing but white briefs. He's a rather ineffectual rapist, too, as the only woman he really rapes is Mia. When the other women fight back, he loses interest quickly and tosses them to his men. For a film that deals with so much rape, there's very little nudity. The women usually keep their bras and panties on or are filmed at angles where objects in the forefront cover their naughty bits. There is some nudity, but it is only a couple of quick frames and you'll have to hit the Pause button if you want to get a good look. Director Maman Firmansjah (ESCAPE FROM HELL HOLE - 1983) hasn't got the slightest clue how to establish continuity or film an action scene. The timeline is non-existant (I was scratching my head on several occasions, especially with Irma's scenes) and the finale contains the slowest car chase and badly-choreographed fight scenes I've ever seen in an Indonesian actioner (and that's saying a lot). It does contain a nifty body explosion, though, followed by a quote from the Bible! It's still hard to fault a film when the most sympathetic character is Ronnie, a drug dealer and arms smuggler, since he's the only male member of the cast who doesn't rape anyone! He also gives an impassioned speech in the finale, begging his men to give up to the police and accept their punishment. They refuse and Ronnie is shot dead a few seconds later. Ah, Indonesia, how I love thee! Also known as COMMANDO WILDCAT, LADY EXTERMINATOR and VIOLENT ASSASSIN. Also starring Indonesian staples Dicky Zulkarnaen, I.M. Damsyik, Godfried Sancho, Alfian, Tuty Kusnendar and Yona S. Kamarullah. Originally available on VHS in the U.S. from All Seasons Entertainment. Not Rated.

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