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AMERICAN HUNTER (Pemburu Berdarah Dingin) / 1988

(Pemburu Berdarah Dingin)

American Hunter Aka Lethal Hunter

Judul Indonesianya
Pemburu Berdarah Dingin

Jake (Christ Mitchum) datang ke Indonesia untuk belajar silat, meski tujuan utamanya mencari mikro film yang ada di tangan seorang pemilik restoran. Ternyata ada komplotan lain yang mendahului dan melenyapkan pemilik restoran tadi. Dibantu polisi Indonesia, Jake akhirnya bisa mendapatkan mikro film tadi dari Janet (Ida Iasha), sekretaris pemilik restoran, yang diculik komplotan jahat itu. Bahkan Janet lalu jadi pacar Jake.

Directed by Arizal (1988) Starring Chris Mitchum, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace Also known as AMERICAN HUNTER, this is a demented, unstoppable action masterpiece from Indonesia starring Chris Mitchum! He is Jake Carver, a special agent whose mission is to track down a microfilm stolen by the mafia. Features breathtaking car stunts, martial arts and machinegun mayhem! Also starring Peter "INTRUDER" O' Brian. One of the most jaw-dropping films of all-time, this one has to be seen to be believed!



LETHAL HUNTER (1988) - This mind-boggling Indonesian action film opens with a portly black dude driving his Jeep through the window of the top floor of a high-rise building (We don't know how he does it, though it's implied that he's driven the Jeep off the roof of another building that's clearly over a hundred yards away!). He then shoots everyone in the office with a machine gun and searches the office for a piece of microfilm (When he finds a locked desk drawer or cabinet, he simply opens it by shooting his machine gun and riddling it with bullets). When he realizes that someone has already left with the microfilm, he radios down to another guy waiting in a black pickup truck and a short car chase ensues over the opening credits. The bad guys get the microfilm when they shoot out the car's tires and it crashes into some parked cars (The stunt looks exactly like one of those daredevil crashes you see at an arena, where the stuntman tries to jump over twenty cars and fails miserably). Special agent Jake Carver (Christopher Mitchum) is sent to buy the microfilm from black marketeer Tom Selick (Peter O'Brian and, no, his character's name is not a misprint!) for two million dollars, but when competing buyer Frank Gordon (Mike Abbott) phones Selick and offers five million dollars, Selick renegs on the deal. Frank Gordon never intended on paying the money, as he sends a bunch of his goons to Selick's building armed with machine guns (a recurring theme) and shoot up the place. During the ruckus, Jake saves the life of Janet (Ida Iasha), Selick's assistant, when he rams his Jeep (another recurring theme) into the door of a getaway car where Janet was being held hostage, graphically crushing the leg of a bad guy. Jake chases some more of Gordon's guys (He shots one guy in the ankle and then Jake falls three stories, crashing through scaffolding at every floor, and he gets up without a scratch!), following a blood trial of a wounded bad guy, which leads him to a temple basement, where Jake shows his martial arts prowess (in a sequence that must be seen to be believed) until some guys throw a net around him. Jake is tied up and tortured with electricity by Gordon himself (Who we see moments before kill Selick by hitting him with a car and then running the car through a brick wall with Selick still on the hood!), but when Jake won't talk (Gordon says to him, "OK, die a motherfucking nobody!"), Gordon orders his men to blow up the building with dynamite. Jake's partner, Roy (Roy Marten), arrives in the nick of time and frees Jake just before the building blows up. Gordon's boss, Adam (Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, who sometimes walks around with a monkey or a falcon on his arm), shows his displeasure of Jake getting away by beating the shit out of the two men responsible for the fuck-up and then feeding them to his dogs! An injured Jake goes to his master's temple to recover and, once he is well, he goes out on a date with Janet (She calls him a "lethal hunter" just before they make love and then take a clothed shower together!). The next morning, a couple of Gordon's men grab Janet and Jake gives chase in his car. Jake's car explodes in the ensuing chase, so he steals on an oil truck (which leads to a comedic "men ducking in a ditch" gag that dates back to silent films!) and rescues Janet, but she ends up in the hospital (Jake's efficient, but he's not gentle!). Since both Jake and Gordon think Janet knows the location of the missing microfilm (We know where it is, since Selick gives Janet a gift in the beginning of the film), Gordon's men, disguised as emergency technicians, grab Janet out of the hospital and whisk her away by helicopter. Jake gives chase in his own helicopter (Man, this film has it all!) and, when he spots Adam in the other helicopter (for some reason he calls him "Judas"), a gunfight happens in mid-air and Janet falls out of the helicopter into the lake below (don't worry she's OK!). Janet swims to shore, but Adam shoots her in the shoulder. Jake rescues her and Adam gets away, but he's pissed. Jake takes Janet to his master's temple to recuperate (hey, it worked for him!). Jake and Roy discuss Adam at a outdoor café, where we learn that under the code name "Judas", Adam tried to rob and blow up Wall Street (Jake says. "He thinks he's Lex Luthor!"). Suddenly, they are attacked by a half-dozen men to keep them occupied while Adam and a bunch of guys attack Jack's master's temple and kidnap Janet (again). While the master and Adam fight it out, Gordon shows up and shoots the master, killing him (Adam yells out "You asshole!" to Gordon, because he wanted to defeat the master on his own). Adam brings Janet back to his place, where he smacks her around and wants her to tell him where the microfilm is (He says to her, "The only thing worse than talking is wasting time!" which is, quite frankly, a head-scratcher). Adam can't make her talk, so Gordon gives it a try (Adam say's to him "Screw it up and you both die!"). Gordon lathers her neck with shaving cream and proceeds to shave her neck with a strait razor! When she still won't talk, Adam and Gordon think that Jake has the microfilm, so they set up a meeting with him at a restaurant to capture him (again). They fail (Jake beats three thugs up in the men's room) and Jake jumps on the roof of a bad guy's car and forces it to crash through a crowded grocery store, narrowly missing a baby girl! Adam loses it and kills Gordon when he thinks that Gordon actually has the microfilm (A few moments earlier, we see Gordon making out with a whore and we hear this exchange: Whore: "Last night I dreamt a snake bit me!" Gordon: "Was it black or brown? If it was brown it was me!"). The police and Jake surround Adam's compound, rescue Janet and Adam rigs his compound to explode as he escapes. Jake hops on a dirt bike and gives chase (By God, this film really does have it all!). Adam jumps on a passing train and Jake jumps on the train using the dirt bike (He lands in the aisle of a passenger car!). Jake and Adam get into a fight and Adam ends up getting killed when he falls off the train. Or does he? At a banquet celebrating Jake's success, a battered Adam resurfaces (Jake says to him, "Well, looks like you just don't know how to die!") just as Janet discovers the hidden microfilm. Jake and Adam face-off again, only this time there's no doubt that Adam's dead, since he gets impaled by a table leg in the stomach (As Roy bursts through the door, Jake deadpans, "I found Adam's body!"). The world (and Wall Street) is finally safe. All hail the brilliance that is director Arizal! Working with his long-time team of producer Gope T. Samtani (of Rapi Films) and scripter Deddy Armand, responsible for SPECIAL SILENCERS (1979), THE STABILIZER (1984) and FINAL SCORE (1986), Arizal has fashioned another hyper-kinetic, non-stop action film that never lets up from the get-go. It's filled with funny dialogue (a lot of it international), stunts, chases of every kind and violence that's simply amazing. My description of the film just scratches the surface and I must say that I was laughing out loud most of the time, due to the crazy situations and absurd dialogue. The stoic Chris Mitchum (who could never be accused of actually acting) looks like he is having a great time and, besides a few back flips and a couple of dangerous stunts, looks to be doing all the fight scenes himself, sans a stunt double (If you look close enough, you can spot Mitchum and Roy Marten jumping into mattresses when the building explodes after Marten rescues him). This is Mitchum's second-best film, right behind FINAL SCORE (I doubt any Indonesian action film could top that one!) and it's apparent that he and Arizal had a good working relationship. Peter O'Brian (THE STABILIZER -1984; THE INTRUDER - 1986) has nothing but a glorified cameo here, but his death is one of the film's many highlights. It's nice to see Mike Abbott (who spends most of his time shirtless and flexing his muscles) and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (AVENGING FORCE - 1986) given prominent roles for a change, too. They are usually assigned secondary roles in the majority of the films they appear in. Do yourself a favor and search this one out if you're a fan of Indonesian action flicks. You won't be disappointed. Also starring August Melasz, Leo Chandra, Atin Martino, Eddy Yonathan and Kiki Fatmala. The print I viewed was sourced from a Greek-subtitled VHS tape. When is some U.S. distributor going to get wise and buy the rights to films like this? With the right advertising campaign and some word-of-mouth, these films should clean-up here, especially with the crap that passes for "action" in American-made films for the past twenty years or so. Also known as AMERICAN HUNTER.

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