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LADY DRAGON 2/ Angel of Fury / 1993


Angel of Fury (Lady Dragon 2) disutradarai dan DOP orang asing David Worth , dia Director & Cinematography dari Hollywood yang juga menggarap film-film action. Dia juga termasuk DOP-nya BLOODSPORT film laga apik itu.

Lady Dragon (#1) memakai bintang Cynhia Roth Rock
(, dan ini adalah produksi Rapi Film. Ternyata kesuksesan film laga saat itu membuat Rafi film memanggil David Worth sutradara dan Cinematographer yang sering membuat film action itu untuk membuat film di Indonesia dengan bintang Cynthia Roth Rock ini.

Penulisnya memakai orang Hollywood juga
Nancy Bolan (Cynthia Rothrock) datang ke Jakarta dijemput Tony (August Melasz), langsung dikeroyok anak buah Nick Steward (Peter O'Brian), yang menginginkan komputer yang dibawanya. Komputer ini adalah pesanan David Randolph dan Leo (Zainal Abidin dan Jurek Klyne), untuk mencari uranium. Untuk pengamanan, didatangkan tiga komputer. Hanya satu yang asli. Itupun hanya bisa dioperasikan oleh Nancy. Urusan rebutan komputer ini yang jadi masalah perebutan. Untuk ini diatur segala macam adegan perkelahian dan kebut-kebutan dengan mobil, motor, speedboat, helikopter dlsb. Setelah semua musuh selesai, baru polisi datang menangkap. Tidak jelas bagaimana kebut-kebutan maupun perkelahian di jalan tanpa ada campur tangan polisi.




Comment of..
I've seen some Cynthia Rothrock movies of questionable quality before, but this one was almost enough to put me off her. Almost everything that happens in Lady Dragon, and the way it happens, is ludicrously bad. No part of the plot even begins to be credible, never even rising to the level of cliché. To wit:

What we have is an ex-CIA agent, Kathy, played by Rothrock, who's on a personal vendetta to catch the guy who, for no discernible reason, had her husband killed on their wedding day. She begins by disguising herself as a hooker and going, unarmed and with no plan, into a nightclub to confront the guy - which only gets her raped, as the bad guys have guns.

They then drop her by the side of a jungle road (this is in Indonesia), where she is picked up by a kindly old grandfather and his 8-year-old grandson, who nurse her back to health over what is apparently months. The old man can kick handkerchiefs into the air. (And since he also has a ready-made and very handy martial arts training ground, you'd think that he would step into character at some point and get into some of the fighting, but you'd be wrong.)

In a lengthy sequence, Kathy then ingratiates herself with the bad guy's mistress by pretending to get hit by her car. This mistress, Susan, is smart, classy and preposterously altruistic, giving Kathy a job and clothes and letting her stay in her apartment! (All the while never revealing why the hell she's with the evil and idiotic bad guy.) When introduced to the bad guy, he doesn't remember Kathy at all. So she tears up the place, killing one of his henchmen, and then grinningly making a run for it, not seeming to mind that she didn't catch up with him. But meanwhile, Susan has gone to the village and taken the grandfather and grandson hostage, forcing Kathy into a climactic battle with the bad guy - his name is Ludwig, in case you're wondering. So Ludwig beats Kathy savagely in a quite sadistic fight, but eventually she wins. Of course. And the police drag the bad guy away (I'm pretty amazed that he wasn't killed, seeing as this movie seems to consider itself real edgy, bandying the f-word around a lot).

A decent martial arts actioner could have been made with this plot, perhaps, but in this case it certainly wasn't. The terrible dialog (in a couple of places bordering on the outrageous) served only to make almost every plot detail all the more unbelievable, and elements that seem to promise further developments were never delivered on. It was a monumentally bad script, resulting in an awful movie, the main virtue of which is to show how NOT to make an action movie.

Lady Dragon II (1993)- (Feat. Cynthia Rothrock, Sam Jones, Greg Stuart, Bella Esperance, George Rudy, Adisoerya Abdi)

Lady Dragon II is a really good Drago film. Cynthia Rothrock is Chuck Norris in feminine form, she is so hot ... oh wait. Anyway, yes Cynthia Rothrock is a really great martial artist and oh so good of an actress, just as good of an actress as Chuck Norris is an actor, I believe they may have been separated at birth! Rothrock stars as the wife of a famous soccer player who is murdered by Billy Drago, who plays an insane diamond thief who wants his diamonds back. Since Rothrock is really tough and wants revenge, combined with the fact that Drago thinks she knows where his diamonds are and won't let her alone, it is time for some major kicks and punches in peoples' faces! Lots of Drago in fine, crazy form.

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